The business of advertising is being transformed as consumers use new technologies to access a variety of content whenever and wherever. Conventional media revenue models are being challenged and a new type of creative advertising professional is needed.

During this semester students will be working on their empathic ability and creative skills in order to create innovative advertising campaigns that inspire and move target groups for real life clients. The themes covered in the semester are: Creativity, Persuasion and Targeting, Strategy, Smart Data and Planning. These are all covered in an exciting semester project: making an ad campaign - for a real life client with a real life advertising need!

You will work for this client in project teams. Each team will be working as an advertising agency that conducts research, develops a marketing communication plan and an ad campaign, including the media that your agency wishes to deploy.

During the semester there will be weekly themes announced for both projects. An overview of these so called stages can be found below. 

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